Alan Gilman  
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Alan's Jewish Christian understanding of the biblical narrative brings out a rich depth of meaning to the Bible's saving message. He challenges popular theology with biblical teaching that confronts the status quo. He is an effective communicator of God's truth. - Bill Buitenwerf, Sr. Pastor, East Gate Alliance Church, Ottawa, Ontario

I would recommend Alan to any church, group or Bible class to get a broader perspective of God's written word and its full intent. Alan will not only communicate sound teaching but lives what he teaches. - Terry Snow, National Director, Youth With A Mission, Haiti

I have known [Alan] for more than ten years and have great respect for him. He communicates effectively with a unique freshness and passion both for the Lord and for His Word. His teaching comes from thorough and thoughtful study and is communicated with integrity. I have appreciated the lasting impression his preaching has made upon my life and the life of our congregation. - Chuck Balik, Pastoral Team Leader, West Ottawa Community Church, Ottawa, Ontario

Alan is wise when it comes to biblical understanding and is an excellent teacher of the Word of God. When I want to know what the full meaning of an Old Testament scripture means in light of living in the New Testament era, I have never hesitated to seek out his insights. - Dr. Barry P. Boucher, Pastor Emeritus, The Life Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to you Alan Gilman and his ministry. Alan has a wonderfully, deep, Jewish-Christian understanding of the Scriptures which is refreshing. In every conversation and in the times that he has shared publicly, I always learn something, or hear something shared from a different perspective and it causes me to rejoice and to grow. I think that God wants to use him and his ministry to help deepen our understanding of the Word of God and the heritage of faith that we have inherited.- Andy Falleur, Calvary Fellowship Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Alan is beginning a ministry which seeks to bring a fresh Jewish perspective on the Christian faith and life. As a Jewish believer he has found how amazing God's grace is through Jesus Christ but he also has an understanding of the Old Testament and Jewish life which allows him to bring insight and life to those of us from a non-Jewish background for whom he opens the Scriptures. - Dan MacKinnon, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Orleans, Ontario

I have known Alan since 1982. He is a remarkable Bible teacher, who has continued to grow and learn over the years. You will not regret inviting him to minister in your church or context. - Rev. Ed Hird, Senior Pastor, St. Simon's Church, North Vancouver, B.C.

For well over a decade I have been recommending the insights that Alan gains with his biblical and historical understanding of the Scriptures. I have enjoyed hearing him teach in congregational settings and admired his ability to correctly divide the word of truth. Always practical, Alan will challenge you to follow the Lord more closely whenever you read or hear him. I am very glad he is becoming more well-known as a Bible teacher. - Richard Long, Director, Together Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Alan’s “God’s Epic Story” seminar should be part of the discipleship curriculum in every church! - Rev. Sharon Hayton, Director, CMJ Canada


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