Israel Day Two

No post for Day One. Very long day for most, some even longer as they journeyed from the West Coast to Toronto to catch our 11 hour flight to Tel Aviv on El Al, Israel’s national airline.

There’s nothing like El Al’s unusual effective security. Very pleasant flight.

20151018_095705~2It was about 8:30 am local time when we left the terminal and our tour officially began.
FB_IMG_1445276451559Thanks to Tony Hendrick for this photo.

We had a full day of touring, beginning with the beautiful biblical nature reserve, Neot Medumim, where we learned how understanding various plant life illumines Scripture. I didn’t know how much you can do with hyssop. Or how deep cisterns really are. After lunch we visited the ancient port of Ceasarea, where we learned of the power and prowess of Herod the Great and the relevance of Roman oppression at the time of Yeshua.

Great dinner at our hotel in Tel Aviv. As was breakfast this morning, including all you can eat halva! Yum!!

I had various technical difficulties with this blog. I wanted to post some other photos, but instead of delaying further, I will post this now. I will post today’s events hopefully tomorrow.



We are about to start our morning with a tour of Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, where Ben Gurion declared to the world the reestablishment of the Jewish homeland.

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