Israel Day 2-4


Sunrise at the Dead Sea

When I announced that I planned to blog my Israel trip I wondered if anyone was thinking  that it wouldn’t happen. Well, it has indeed been a challenge due to time limitations and technical difficulties.

I have found that the easiest thing is posting photos and comments on Facebook. This is my new plan, but we’ll see.

But since I am already here I will comment on one of the most striking ongoing things. So far wherever we’ve gone life feels normal and there’s lots of tourists. Whatever impression you might be getting from the media is nothing like the wonderful experience our group is having.

That doesn’t mean there are no incidents of violence (though how they are reported may not be altogether accurate). It’s that these incidents are a small piece of a much bigger picture. I have trying to share some of that through my Facebook posts, but the way things are going, a fuller report will have to wait until I get back.

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