Haiti Bound – Day One 

Today I break an inner vow to never go to Haiti in the summer. But I do so, because it is clear to me that this is God’s will. 

Some months ago my daughter Sarah, who has served with the mission YWAM in Saint-Marc since the fall of 2009, developed a serious relationship with a Haitian young man. So now Dad (that’s me!) is going down to meet him. 

This will also be my first opportunity to see Sarah in her beloved environment. Robin and I  were there January 2012,but Sarah wasn’t able to be there then. I have a sense I am going to see a more real Haiti compared to when I was last there. 

Besides the personal aspect, I am due to do some formal and informal Bible teaching. 

Not used to being a visible minority. Boarding began 50 minutes pre departure. I was made to understand this is normal for this Montreal flight. 

I hope to blog as I can. 

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