Haiti: Day Three

We are currently in the rainy season, which means it rains about once every day. My first evening here I don’t think it lasted an hour, while last night it was probably closer to three. But did it ever come down! At home in Ottawa we can get some severe storms, but I don’t recall anything this dramamatic. Is it the metal roofs making the rain louder or the palm leaves being whipped around giving me the impression that the wind was stronger than  it was? Whatever the reason, it put on a pretty good show.

Last night I taught Bible at the mission base’s weekly community service that is provided for the staff on site as well as anyone from the community who wants to come. Sarah said what I shared was very relevant to the community.  I am so grateful to God when that happens, especially in a context of which I have so little understanding. My main theme was the hope of the resurrection and what that means in terms of valuing the creation. 

Speaking at last night’s community service, translated into Creole.

This morning,  Sarah’s boyfriend took me off base. Again, the taxi ride on the motorcycle was really something (see my previous post). I wish I had a Go Pro to share the experience with you. The drivers’ ability to weave in and out of the tightest of places is absolutely astounding! I am starting to think they may have superior depth perception.  

We went to his church which is currently having forty days of prayer and fasting, which is why they were having a service Thursday morning. I have been told that Haitian church services tend to be loud. I was told correctly.

Then we went to his house, which was quite nice. As we went here and there he would introduce me to people he knows. Everyone is so warm and friendly. I especially love the reaction I get when I smile back at the little children who stare at me. 

A few minutes ago Sarah told me that I will speaking this evening to a group of young guys who are here involved in some sort of soccer camp. There’ll be time for questions after, which I love to do. But what meaningful thing can I say to a group of Haitian young men? I have also just learned that I will be teaching at a Sunday morning service in town. Again, same thing. What’s a Jewish Canadian follower of Yeshua guy like me going to say to a gathering of people from Saint-Marc? Stay tuned! 

I want to close this post by sharing one of the more spectacular trees on the base. It is a Royal Poinciana, also called a (I love this!) Flamboyant.

Flamboyant tree

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