Haiti: Day Seven 

​A few days ago, the little son of one of the staff couples here invited me to his birthday party. He turned three yesterday. So I offered his mom to sing some kids songs as I have done at almost every birthday for our own children (until they’re too old) and also did years ago in Montreal for extra money. And perhaps for own grandchildren one day. 

Singing “My God Is So Big” at the birthday party

Today, my last full day here, had no official happenings, but was still really busy. I attended the morning prayer and share time and was able share some insights connected to the transformation of perspective I have experienced here. I hope to write some of that down soon, but my mind is pretty much mush after all the wonderful things that have happened in the past week.

Right after the meeting I managed to get a photo with Marc-George who runs the soccer outreach:

The rest of the day was spent getting ready to leave tomorrow and having one-on-one time with Sarah and later on with her boyfriend, Damas, and after dinner with the two of them together.

They just left. It’s only just after 7:30 in the evening, Haiti time (Central time in North America), but I need to get to bed soon, since we are leaving at 5 a.m. We are going so early, because there are others heading to Port-au-Prince for other reasons. The plan is for Sarah, Damas, and I to hang out together at a restaurant or something near the airport until around noon when I am to check in. Then they’ll get picked up to head back to the base. 

While I am waiting for my flight, I may be able to blog about the morning’s experience. 

Prayers are always appreciated! 

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