Haiti: Day 8 (the Voyage Home) 

First, the voyage home will take longer than normal, because I couldn’t get a decent connecting flight from Montreal to Ottawa. So I will be overnighting at a friend’s house this evening and taking the train to Ottawa early afternoon tomorrow (Wednesday). 

As planned, we left the base shortly after 5 this morning. It was still fairly dark and the quietest I have seen the streets of Saint-Marc. By 6, the hustle and bustle on the main route to Port-au-Prince was at full throttle. 

The street in front of the mission base at 5 this morning.

Down the road about an hour later.

I didn’t know how to picture what “hanging out near the airport” for almost five hours would look like. But now I know. Let me share it with you:

Having a lovely buffet breakfast with Sarah and Damas at a nice hotel near the airport in Port-au-Prince.

The dining room where we ate breakfast this morning.

A glimpse of the grounds of the hotel where we hung out this morning.

A most interesting tree on our way into the hotel (if anyone can identify it, let me know).

Close up of the “tassels” growing out of the tree.

One more photo before heading to the airport.

I arrived at the airport just before 12. And besides waiting in various lines, it all went smoothly. But did this mean the wonderful intensity of my trip was subsiding? Absolutely not! I ended up chatting with a mom and her teen daughter from Washington State who were heading home via Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver (cheap flight!) after spending two weeks at a orphanage run by the Mormons. Then after settling in on the plane, I noticed some empty rows behind me. So, as soon as the fasten seat belt sign went off, I asked the flight attendent if I could move, which was fine, so I grabbed my stuff and moved. After getting settled again, a man appeared, saying I was in his seat (but where did he come from)? So I grabbed my stuff again and quickly found two other empty seats next to a Haitian man who has lived in Montreal for many years. The result? Three hours of wonderfully intense theological conversation . Throughout the conversation, we would switch back and forth between English and French. Soon it will no longer be true to say, “Je parle un peu de français seulement (I only speak a little French).” Maybe it’s already not true. 🙂 

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