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Europe – Fall 2013 – Full Reflective Report

This is my reflective report of our recent two-week teaching tour of Parma, Italy and Ljubljana, Slovenia. I try not to rehash too much of what I already wrote above. When I refer to specifics from previous posts, I will provide direct links to them, so you can refer to the details, if you are […]


As we prepared for our trip, we felt we had some reasonable expectations for Italy. After all, Italian culture is ubiquitous, through the large Italian diaspora and through TV and movies, not to mention how many common things in the western world come from Italy. Sure, there were still lots of surprises, but nothing like […]


(Note: This post was written on Thursday, October 4) There is no way to fully express the experience called Venice, even though we were only there for about 44 hours. Old, water, elegant, boats, Italian yet filled with people from everywhere, more water, big (much bigger than I expected) and busy, all sorts of boats, […]

Blessings to the Nations

According to the Torah, the raison d’être of the Jewish people is that we would be a blessing to the nations (see Genesis 12:3). It is overwhelming to me (in a good way) that Robin and I could be in Italy and have to opportunity to be a blessing in a multi-nation congregation. The congregation in which we […]

Parma Bible Seminar completed

Last night (Friday), this morning, and afternoon I presented my Bible overview seminar in Parma. Translation into Italian was provided by our host Francesco Abortivi. About twenty people attended (see below) and it seemed to go very well. I really enjoyed working with Francesco, and the people were very attentive as I explained how the […]


Yesterday was our first full day in Italy. The first session of my Bible seminar is this evening (Friday) and continues tomorrow morning and afternoon. I speak as well in the regular Sunday morning service. Robin’s talk is on Sunday afternoon. We are staying with new friends in Fornovo, which is about a half hour […]

Safe and Sound in Italy

First day in Parma, Italy. Flights went well, except for sleep. First meal? Pasta, of course – and really good. Later we took a long walk. Ate grapes off the vine and a fresh fig off the tree. Here is a sample vista:

Five days to go!

This coming Tuesday evening Robin and I begin our first ever teaching trip to Europe as we go to Parma, Italy and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Keep watching this blog as we provide updates and photos.