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Updated October 14, 2022

Session Videos

The complete playlist of twenty sessions is available here.

Special session: Virtual Passover Seder

This virtual Seder was conducted live as  session eleven of the course. It can be viewed on its own and may be used as part of your own Passover celebration.

Seder video (also included in playlist above)

Preparation instructions for Seder
If you are using the virtual Seder for your own Passover celebration, refer to these preparation instructions.

Virtual Passover Haggadah (script to follow)
To use in order follow along with the virtual Seder. Essential for those using the virtual Seder for your own Passover celebration.


The following is a list of handouts for the sessions that refer to handouts.

Session One

Books of the Old Testament with Hebrew titles
List of Bible books in English and Hebrew, plus translation of Hebrew names and book summaries.

Old Testament Book Lists (Various Traditions)
Books of the Old Testament from Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, & Protestant traditions.

The Content and Extent of the Old Testament Canon by Wayne Stiles
A brief introduction to issues surrounding the Old Testament canon (the issue of what books should be considered part of the Bible).

Periods of the Old Testament
Brief descriptions of Old Testament time periods with reference to associated Old Testament books, events, and key characters.

New Testament References to Old Testament Scriptures
Extensive list of Old Testament references (direct quotes & allusions) found in the New Testament.

Session Seven

Torah Feasts
List of feasts from the Books of Moses with scripture references and other information.

Session Eight

Torah Offerings
Explanation of offerings (sacrifices) from the Books of Moses.

Session Twelve

Kings of Judah & Israel

Session Thirteen

Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Vowels

Session Seventeen

Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled

Session Eighteen

Psalm Types & Authorship


The following are links referred to in certain sessions.

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls   (Session 2)

The Strength of Samson – free sermon by Tim Keller ( Session 9)

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice – song by Keith Green (Session 10)

Presentation Slides

Note: There are no slides for Session 11 (Virtual Seder) or Session 17 (My Story)

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