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Weather Changers

Download Audio [Right click link to download] It’s getting hot in more ways than one. After an unusually cool beginning to our summer, the Ottawa area, where I live, is about to be engulfed by a significant heat wave. The anticipated temperature for our national holiday, Canada Day, this Sunday, July 1, is 36 degrees Celsius […]

Facing Obstacles Canadian Style

Something most unusual happened as I was getting back to Ottawa from my Vancouver Island trip Monday night. As the passengers on my flight disembarked, the door at the end of the Jetway leading to the terminal building was locked with no airport personnel in sight. It was so strange after being cooped up in […]

In Celebration of Biblical Narrative: A Biblical Critique of Jordan B. Peterson

How great are your works, O Lord! Your thoughts are very deep! (Psalm 92:5)  Jordan Peterson & the Bible You may have heard of Jordan Peterson, the Canadian university professor and psychologist, who first caught the public’s attention by posting a series of YouTube videos on why he would not submit to government-imposed compelled […]